Nostalgic – Premium brand for classic car trips

Nostalgic arranges high quality venture travel and incentive travel with its very own fleet of classic cars: customers have been able to drive the classic 1950s Alfa Romeo Spider along the dream roads of Italy since 2003, or to take one of our Volkswagen Beetle Convertible on the most beautiful routes through Germany and the Alps. Since 2015, Nostalgic has been providing the cultivated elegance of the Mercedes-Benz SL models from the sixties and seventies in the south of France and Tuscany.

Nostalgic is the number one name for classic car trips

We have brought to life the dreams of many travellers:

Beautiful country sides seen from behind the wheel of a classic convertible. Whether your trip takes you through Tuscany or the Amalfi coast, Provence or Piedemont, our gleaming fleet of chrome will be wafting for you. You’ll experience our meticulously planned trips in Italy in an Alfa Romeo. Italy is the ideal backdrop for driving pleasure in a classic convertible. You’ll drive your Nostalgic Alfa Romeo classic over the Tuscan hills, alongside Lake Maggiore villas, through Piedemont vineyards and along the Amalfi coast’s rock lined curves.

If you prefer southern Germany or the Alpine region, then you’re invited to sit behind the wheel of a VW Beetle Convertible. Whether driving on the Großglockner high alpine road, or along the shores of Lake Lucerne, or the cities of Salzburg, Zurich or Munich, this cult classic and beloved automobile guarantees charmed looks from the side of whatever road you’re driving on.

Nostalgic is the exclusive partner for Mercedes-Benz classic car trips

You’ll be driving a piece of history from the inventor of the automobile when you get behind the wheel of the elegant Mercedes-Benz SL (W 113) and its successor the SL (R 107) and drive it through the picturesque European landscape. The current destinations include trips in Provence, Côte d’Azur and one through Tuscany. Other destinations such as South Tyrol are in the planning stages.

An experience to delight all the senses

Nostalgic classic car trips meet the highest standards and guarantee an authentic experience. Nostalgic gives its guests a taste of the very finest automotive lifestyle. This makes us the company of choice for people who have clear expectations and are ready for a fascinating escape from routine with a high enjoyment factor. At Nostalgic, a group of people travelling together enriches the experience. You can spend the day cruising with a partner or friend in your Nostalgic classic car on barely used roads which would make perfect movie sets, accompanied capably but discreetly by dedicated travel guides. Interesting sightseeing trips with selected guided tours, parking spaces and lunchtime stops are organised, as are transfers to dinner so that you can enjoy the wines of the region. With lots of car chat among people who share a common interest, new friendships are rapidly formed among the people in your group of travellers. Our travel guides take care of the cars, so you can choose your own personal favourite from the gleaming chrome of the fleet the next morning. All you have to do is insert the ignition key and turn on the engine, it goes without saying that the fuel tanks will already have been filled for you. All you have to do is enjoy yourself, Nostalgic deals with everything else.

Nostalgic News

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Dolce e Toscana


Incentive trips

An incentive trip for team building or customer loyalty promotion

First impressions count. This is precisely why the Nostalgic philosophy has won recognition at companies which regularly arrange incentive trips; with elegant, sporty classic cabriolets all of a single make, in first class condition and offering outstanding reliability thanks to maintenance at a single specialist workshop.

Whether you want to promote customer loyalty or run a team building exercise, Nostalgic can offer your company incentive trips at a time of your choosing and to any destination you like. Nostalgic is a full-service incentive agency.

Our know-how makes other service providers superfluous, saving your company time and money. Our fleet is constantly being extended and currently includes 60 open-top classics, 35 Alfa Romeos, 15 VW Beetle Convertible and 10 Mercedes-Benz SL.

As a result, not only can we handle very large group enquiries, we can also be very flexible for smaller groups of guests in terms of scheduling. We supply everything from a single source, from the complex logistics to suitable gifts for customers. Our outstanding references speak for themselves.

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