Relationship Building with Nostalgic

How can good staff members be motivated to produce even better results?
How can difficult clients be turned into ambassadors for a company on the market?
How can you show your best customers just how much you value them?
How do you turn a meeting of executives into a thrilling group experience?

These and other questions like them pose a challenge for sales managers, as well as boards of directors, senior decision makers and event planners. The word “incentive” comes from the Latin term “incendium”, meaning fire or burning. The fact is that the target groups mentioned here are intended to set things ablaze for the company issuing the invitations – and incentive trips provide the ideal experience event that they are looking for.

High-end incentive – with a strong emotional aspect

What makes Nostalgic incentives stand out from other incentive trips? With a Nostalgic classic car trip, the degree of emotional stimulation is extremely high. The prospect of being behind the wheel of an Alfa Romeo Spider and of being the center of attention in every town and village you drive through – that’s a real incentive.

Guests delighted with the experience then become ambassadors in the marketplace for the company that invited them. Being part of a Nostalgic incentive means being part of an elite group. Right at the start and in the hotel carpark, Nostalgic guests feel from the very beginning that they are something special.


Choose a strong partner

Incentive trips by Nostalgic are among the events that keep participants talking enthusiastically even after years. Nostalgic incentive trips are tailor-made in close co-operation with the client. Let's create something unique and unforgettable for you and your guests!

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One hurdle which many companies are confronted with is winning the approval of the most demanding clients. In the competitive world of incentives, the exclusive focus offered by Nostalgic stands above all other ideas. Once on the spot, the classic cars, in their dazzling chrome finish, really help break the ice. They immediately become the subject of discussion, the theme that brings all participants in the incentive together on the same level, and creates a real spirit of togetherness. With Nostalgic, there is no distinction between levels of ability, like for example, with golf or sailing: Anyone with a driving licence can take part, entirely on equal terms.

Nostalgic atmosphere creates personal closeness

Nostalgic is breaking new ground. The secret of success lies in the subtle nature of the experience, in the sensual pleasure which creates the space for personal and private discussion. Leading financial and economic journals are full of praise for Nostalgic incentives: “So this is what it feels like, when you’re gripped by a real passion for living … The euphoric effects of this ride stay with you for a long time.” In other words, Nostalgic provides the platform with which company representatives find their way to the guest. Regardless of whether it’s the best customer, staff member, or colleague from the Board of Directors, the atmosphere on a Nostalgic trip is the key to the personal touch.

If you aim to make an incentive a really unique experience and something that will keep your guests talking for years to come, just let us know.


Companies that believe in Nostalgic incentives:

Air Plus HoyerSpar
Akzo NobelJungheinrichSparkasse
Alfa RomeoKabel DeutschlandStandox
Bosch ThermotechnikLukoilTime Warner
CanonO2Toyota Material Handling
Die BahnPostbankVredestein
Die MobiliarRuhrgasWella
E.ONSchaeffler GruppeWürttembergische
HD PlusShell Samsung


Are you planning an incentive trip? We will gladly provide you with an offer.

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All services, all from one source

Nostalgic incentive trips are tailor-made in close consultation with the client. We plan your incentive to suit your aim, your budget, your program, and to suit your wishes in order to create something unique and unforgettable.

Nostalgic is with you every step of the way: during the first discussion,  the concept phase, and during the trip itself. Your Nostalgic contact partner will be right at your side right through the event. The attention of a fully-qualified service team ensures that driving the Alfa Romeos creates the ultimate experience with no restrictions. Routes are traveled using a roadbook, which has been individually worked out and planned.

A short film provides the first impression, demonstrating the fascination in driving on the legendary Mille-Miglia course in an Alfa Romeo classic car, while savoring the luxury of a trip back in time. A number of different articles also give you an insight into what top journalists have written about Nostalgic. In just a few minutes, you will be convinced of the fact that you are personally behind the wheel. Sketches showing the route as well as pictures from the journey are provided in our slide show, and our illustrated brochure can be ordered online for free.



Let yourself be inspired:

Your wishes for an incentive trip with Nostalgic have no limits. Get first suggestions in the examples below that we have already implemented for our customers:

Program example 1: Classic car trip with Alfa Romeo Spider in Tuscany

The winner of a competition in sales participates in a three-day incentive trip in Tuscany. The Nostalgic classic cars are presented after a light lunch on the hotel patio and taken out for a drive. In the early evening, a wine tasting followed by dinner takes place in a former cloister nearby. The second collective tour the next day leads the winner on a carefully chosen route – 120 miles through picturesque countryside and individual detours are possible at any time. The vaults of a medieval citadel are the location for a gourmet meal in the evening. Sightseeing in Siena during free time is planned for the third day, before the event concludes in the late afternoon. Price for 50 guests: Euro 1,750 per person.

Program example 2: Classic car trip to Lake Maggiore

A company invites within the course of an annual conference marketing experts and retailers, together with their partners to a four-day incentive trip to Lake Maggiore. Several classic car trips are part of a five-star hotel package, including driving tests, speed boat outings and accompanied VIP shopping. Dinner is served in rented private villas or the private castle of an aristocratic family. Price for 30 guests: Euro 3,500 per person.

Program example 3: Classic car event in Sicily

The CEO of a publicly-traded company invites a small group of guests to an exclusive event in Sicily. Transfers to and from the airport are made with a 1950s sailing yacht, while the hotel, which has its own beach, has been booked exclusively. The classic car trip travels along coastal roads and around Mount Etna. A helicopter excursion is available during the lunch break at a country estate. In the evening, private functions take place in small gourmet restaurants. Price on request.

Program example 4: Royal Bavarian castles in the  VW-Beetle Convertible

An international management consultancy rewards its top team for successful completion of a major project and invites 40 members from the staff to a stylish trip in classic VW-Beetle Convertibles. The visit to the three royal castles and a classic car rally with team building elements are at the heart of this three-day event. Price: 800 Euro per person

Program example 5: Roadshow through Germany

A world market leader in the construction industry with 200 regional branches in Germany, whose main focus lies in supplying craft businesses, is planning a major roadshow for the launch of a new product. This roadshow will involve all branches, using our classic cars to attract the public and presenting a classic car trip to Lake Maggiore to the winner of the sales competition.

Program example 6: VW-Beetle tour for BAUMA’s VIP customers

On the occasion of the Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles and Construction Equipment – BAUMA – in Munich, one exhibitor will be traveling with 20 of its most important customers and business partners on a stylish journey in our VW-Beetles to Neuschwanstein Castle, including a private tour of this fairytale castle.


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