Nostalgic Team

Nostalgic Team

Nostalgic’s classic cars are first class. But when you travel with us, you will notice immediately that our true source of pride is our team. The students who travel as tour guides on behalf of Nostalgic all receive outstanding scores in all the feedback sheets which we regularly receive from customers. The success of any trip, whether it involves ten or fifty guests, depends upon a well qualified team that can handle, among others, tasks such as unloading, fueling and finally transporting classic cars to the hotel in the middle of the night, or when the VW-Beetle convertibles have to be covered up within minutes due to a sudden storm looming over after a sunny day; when the guests’ flight is delayed and the program for arrival day has to be re-organized as fast as possible; when guests travel unexpectedly; a video screen is requested at the venue booked for the evening because a guest wants to watch a football match; when guests are fascinated by the legend behind the cars and want to know more about the “making of Nostalgic”; these are the times when our travel guides are at their best.

The Making of Nostalgic: The exciting start-up story.

Two childhood friends who started on typical career paths (graduation and working at reputable companies) began thinking about creating their own company once they turned thirty. To get some ideas and to put some distance between them and their daily work routines, they set out in a recently purchased classic car for a rally in Sicily. On the way, the extraordinary idea that led to this enterprise was born.

That was in 2002, and the car they drove was a 1962 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider. The modest success at the rally stood in strong contrast to the long adventurous trip to get there: a journey from Düsseldorf to Munich by car and train, a day´s journey crossing over the Alps, arriving at 10pm into Genoa to then catch a ferry to Palermo. The time spent soaked by pouring rain during journey was rewarded with ten days of brilliant sunshine on the island. Driving through Sicilly from east to west on quiet side roads behind the wheel of a genuine Italian icon, breathing in the smell of the country side instead of the buzz of speeding cars, and cliché-filled chats with the locals about the “dream machine” or, in Italian, the “bella macchina” in the evening .

This road movie proved impossible to forget for the two natives of southern  Tyrol, Walter Laimer (pictured left) and Gert Pichler (pictured right). The original idea behind Nostalgic was to offer  clients authentic experiences in a convertible sports car built in the fifties and early sixties, with the appropriate backdrop in a totally care-free package. As the journeys—at that time— would mainly be in Italy, the entrepreneurs settled on Alfa Romeos as their classic car of choice due to its aura, special automobile history and the trademark. They originally purchased 9 Alfa Romeo vehicles. Today they have 35.

Ten years after their start-up, Pichler and Laimer are adding another range of classic cars to their program which will allow for shorter trips from and back to their company headquarters in Munich. It was a foregone conclusion that the Volkswagen Beetle Convertible would be the  choice for authentic trips in southern Germany and the Alpine region.

Exclusive partners of Mercedes-Benz, “The inventors of the car”

The quest for quality by the founders of Nostalgic, a high priority for this company right from the beginning, has brought rapid growth and attracted considerable attention. Daimler AG began considering a partnership with Nostalgic in 2015 while they were looking for a competent partner for classic car trips in a Mercedes Benz model. For starters, there are 10 Mercedes Benz SL sports cars ranging between the  W 113 and R 107 series available for exclusive dream journeys in Provence, Côte d’Azur as well as Tuscany.

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