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The Nostalgic Team

Nostalgic has been organizing authentic driving experiences behind the wheel of iconic classics on Europe's dream roads for 18 years.

Who are the people behind Nostalgic? Why do the people behind Nostalgic deserve your trust? Those questions and more will be answered on this page.
Building Nostalgic took a lot of sweat, tears and heart and soul. Despite all the opposition, we managed to establish a special tour operator on the market that was able to win customers and fans all over the world. Being able to share the enthusiasm and emotion of our customers again and again fills us and drives us to become even better.

We, (Walter Laimer and Gert Pichler), founded Nostalgic, but we would never have come this far without our motivated tour guides and back office team.

We would like to introduce our entire team to you.

Meet the team


We are always amazed that guests who repeat Nostalgic trips are thrilled in the same fascinating ways as their first experience. Obviously, in the mix of scenery, itineraries, vintage experience and travel time, we always strive to make sure our guests enjoy every moment. We try to take key elements from each trip, regardless of location, because we know it strikes a unique note for every one of the participants. Even with the most careful planning, there are occasional changes in the sequence that manifest in new wonders; e.g. we may occasionally be able to get exclusive access for certain events, or have to shift things around. Our goal though is that we make sure the entire program can be experienced to its fullest extent, even if the order may change. For the future of Nostalgic, I openly welcome and wish for our guests to evaluate and comment on their journeys. We would like to know exactly what our guests want, to help us tackle and improve our prospective trips and current ones. We would like to see it from your view. This can begin with the ideal length of driving days, route changes and shifts, and continue on to the choices of food, when we leave, and where we go in each city.


A classic automobile, no matter what brand, is a piece of history, and history has always fascinated me. At Nostalgic we try to revive and maintain a nice picture of the past. This works independently of whether you drive at the wheel of a Giulietta Spider through a small Italian village and drink at the Piazza Cappuccino, or with the Mercedes-Benz SL “Pagoda” at the Café de La Fontaine in the hinterland of Provence. Believe it or not, even Tegernsee also attracts a certain amount of attention with our perfectly well-maintained VW Beetle Cabriolets. With our travels, we want to create the backdrop for an authentic experience, a framework in which conversations with a couple in a vintage car can be conducted. Our task is to create a closeness, something especially desired with incentive travel. It may sound a little bit backwards, but at Nostalgic you can slow down by gas. After 18 years, we can still feel like founders of a grand company, and the direction is right: upwards.


As a tourist trainee at the ADAC (Germany Automobile Club) I immediately struck gold when Nostalgic was looking for a Junior Event Manager for the office in Munich. I speak Italian and love Italy, moreover I love cars and especially classic cars, and exchanging advice with customers on the phone is a huge spark of fun to me. It has been a great challenge, but always enjoyable. Our guests come from all over the world, but thanks to extensive product training and my experience from the travel agency, we have everything under control by our small, but fine team. From time to time I also have the chance to take part in events myself, where I get to know the service providers personally. The latter makes it easier to avoid many cliffhangers from the daily work in the office.


My name is Felix, I have been supporting Nostalgic as Event Manager since spring 2022. Working professionally with automobiles was a long-cherished dream: I was able to organize and accompany training courses on well-known racetracks for M GmbH and its motorsport sector. And all the way up north, where BMW offers exciting winter training courses. But since I'm fond of summer, the sun and everything Mediterranean, the advertisement at Nostalgic was a hit. With incredible passion, the small, highly motivated team is on the road from one unique journey to the next, with classic cars in incredible collector's condition. I am your contact person on the phone and I am also regularly present at events when you drive through beautiful landscapes at the wheel of our vintage car, with the wind in your hair and a fine glass of wine in the evening. Nostalgic is not only the first choice for our guests, but also for every employee who loves cars!


My name is Khari Henderson, I’m 26 years old from Albuquerque, New Mexico in the U.S. I’ve been learning German for about 10 years now, and I was fortunate to be an exchange student in Germany in 2012. I studied in Texas near Dallas at University of North Texas and after graduating, moved here to Munich in 2018 to get my Masters in English Studies from Ludwig-Maximilian University. Naturally I love cars, and have worked with my grandfather on his baby blue ‘69 Ford Bronco for many years of my life. In his memory, I am happy to have the opportunity to work with classics from around the world and put the knowledge he gave me to good use. Nostalgic has been a fantastic student job for me with all the right responsibilities. I speak in German while gradually trying to improve daily. I also feel valued as a native speaker in that I can help our ever-growing guests from the U.S.A. So as a fellow speaker, though all of the team speaks fantastic English, I am always happy to give an additional bit of confidence for the Nostalgic team.


I am happy to say that I’m now the longest-serving tour guide, but my job interview back then was pretty bumpy. I thought it was important to mention that I’m in the Porsche cup – it did not impress my soon-to-be bosses. It was much more important to show that I had what it took to keep discerning guests in good moods and handle tough situations on tours. Gert and Walter, the two founders of Nostalgic, are confidently tough. They manage to inspire their teams and to motivate them in the long term. The most frequent question asked by my guests over the four dozen events was: “Which Nostalgic journey is the best?” I can never give only one answer: Tuscany, full of postcard motifs and Carlas divine tagliatelle al Tartufo in the “Bottega di Volpaia”? Or the Lago Maggiore with its 1950s flair and the pavilion of the Castello Seeschloß in Ascona, where the lunch break cannot be long enough? Maybe it’s Southern France around Saint-Remy-de-Provence, the Abbey of Senanque and Gordes. The decision is never easy. I remember at one point, I had to check the Roadbook many times just over fifty kilometers – in the middle of the night! I had never seen so many foxes, deer, and wild boars before. We made it through without incident though! Between seasons, just so that the winter break doesn’t take too long too, I scout lonely pre-alpine roads in Bavaria for photo shootings with the VW Beetle Cabriolets.


Seit einer Saison bin ich nun mit Nostalgic als Reiseleiter unterwegs. Handwerkliches Geschick und ein Auge fürs Detail habe ich seit meiner abgeschlossenen Ausbildung zum Schlosser und Schmied, was beim Umgang mit den Autos super hilfreich ist. Was mir bei meinen Einsätzen noch besser gefällt als die Oldtimer ist der Kontakt mit unseren Gästen und das starke „Wir“-Gefühl im Nostalgic-Team.  Die erstklassige Zusammenarbeit aller Reiseleiter ermöglicht den Gästen erst die sorgenfreie und entspannte Reise: ob in einem Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider durch die Toskana oder am Steuer einer Merdes-Benz „Pagode“ am Ufer des Lago Maggiore entlang. Das ist „Dolce Vita“ pur, ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, dieses Gefühl auf einer anderen Reise zu erleben. Mein persönlicher Favorit ist ist übrigens der Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider, von seinem Schöpfer Pininfarina „la Signorina“ genannt, das Fräulein. In keinem anderen offenen Oldtimer fühlt man sich derart der Straße verbunden und gleichzeitig ständig von bewundernswerten Blicken verfolgt!


Da ich an der Wiege des Automobils, dem Sitz von Mercedes-Benz und dem Produktionsort der S-Klasse aufgewachsen ist, verbinde ich seit jeher etwas Besonders mit der Marke vom Stern. Während meines Studiums der Volkswirtschaft stieß ich auf Empfehlung eines Kommilitonen auf den Reiseleiter-Job bei Nostalgic und war sofort Feuer und Flamme. Die Herausforderungen sind da, aber man wird in alles sofort eingebunden. Am meisten Spaß macht es, unbekannte Gegenden aus einer völlig neuen Perspektive zu erkunden. Der Zuspruch durch unsere Gäste und der super Zusammenhalt im Team machen eine Nostalgic-Reise zum Erlebnis, die Zeit vergeht wie im Flug. Als begeisterter Radfahrer kann ich nach einem Sommer voller enger Kurven und gewundener Straßen den Spruch "der Weg ist das Ziel" bekräftigen, egal ob am Steuer eines offenen Oldtimers oder auf meinem Rennrad. Ich freue mich auf viele spannende Saisonen und noch viele Gäste aus aller Welt bei Nostalgic!


I got the job as a tour guide at Nostalgic through a fellow student from Innsbruck. I've had my passion for vintage cars since I was a child, when I was often allowed to go on vintage car trips with my dad and his "Cinquecento". But I have also had my love for the south, especially for Italy, for a long time. When I was 16, I rode my grandfather's old Vespa 50 S from Salzburg to Bibione and back again! Currently studying international economics and Italian, I try to accompany as many classic car trips as possible with Nostalgic.  


Als ich auf den Job als Reiseleiter bei Nostalgic stieß, wusste ich sofort, dass das das richtige für mich ist. „Im Oldtimer auf Traumstraßen Europas“ war die Headline der Stellenanzeige. Bereits als Kind bin ich immer in und um irgendwelche alten Autos aufgewachsen. So existieren etliche Kinderbilder von mir auf Rückbänken, Kofferablagen oder irgendwo eingequetscht in der Mitte von Zweisitzern. Mein erster Einsatz als Reiseleiter hat mich in meinen Erwartungen nicht enttäuscht. Wann immer es geht, nehme ich mir eine Auszeit von meinem Studium der Zahnmedizin und erkunde als Reiseleiter von Nostalgic die schönsten Strecken in Italien und Frankreich.
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Nostalgic GmbH & Co.KG

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Nostalgic is the premium provider for unforgettable adventure trips & incentive travel with vintage cars as well as an exclusive partner of Mercedes-Benz.
Founder by name Walter Laimer Gert Pichler - Nostalgic Oldtimerreisen

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