The Fascinating Feeling of a Classic Car Tour

The Fascinating Feeling of a Classic Car Tour

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A classic car tour is full of promise and will get your senses tingling. Goosebump moments are therefore guaranteed. If you are currently thinking about doing a classic car tour, you have come to the right place.

On this website, you will find all the information you need for a perfect classic car tour: from tips to classic cars to trip suggestions, let our info inspire or serve as a guide to you. In part 2 of this article, we will answer the following question: what makes a classic car tour so appealing?


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Why we love classic car tours

  • Shockingly beautiful cars: Classic cars are beautiful pieces of history. The look of one alone gets the heart pumping in car enthusiasts and aestheticians alike.
  • Breathtaking landscapes: Whether its the coastal cliffs, the ridge of hills filled with cypresses in Tuscany, the lava hillsides of Mount Etna or the riverside roads filled with palms on Lake Maggiore- the experience will take your breath away in an open canopy.
  • Culinary delight: Fine regional specialties make the tour and driving experience even more enjoyable.

Being a part of a group of like-minded people makes the experience even more intense. We would like to share with you our passion for classic car travel  here.

Part One

The Perfect Classic Car Tour: A Successful Adventure

A classic car tour is a discovery tour full of driving fun, Savior Vivre und Dolche Vita. Combined with a genuine sense of driving joy, drivers and passengers experience the unique personality of vintage cars during the tour.

A classic car tour seduces passengers in a uniquely emotional way

We consider the following in order to make your tour unforgettable:

  • the right classic car
  • the best combination of season and location
  • refined routing
  • an exciting program filled with wonderful, suspenseful moments

For more details and our experience regarding this, continue reading this article.


The Best Classic Car for A Successful Classic Car Tour

While preparing for a classic car tour, deciding on the perfect vintage car should not be taken lightly. It requires a subjective approach.

Every person has their own life story in which cars have more or less played a role and left behind a lasting impression. Therefore, one vintage car will personally feel better to you than the other.

No matter one´s own, unique individual story, there are cars that have written history themselves. Cars that everyone will recognize.

The best of vintage cars: Cars that have written history.

Here at Nostalgic, we have put in a lot of thought behind this and have conducted extensive research on the 70s in order to answer the following questions:

  • Which brand shaped Italy, represented that Italian sense of life and at the same time became an undeniable cultural asset?
  • What about Germany? Which car brand shaped Germany´s identity?

Find out more below.


Classic Car Tour in The Alfa Romeo Guilietta Spider – Icon from Dolce Vita

The Fiat 500 represents the mobility of a whole population like no other Italian automobile. Quaint, practical and with an unmistakeable face. However, what the Fiat lacks is that Italian grandeur, sportiness and passion.

The Alfa Romeo Spider offers all of this and then some. Alfa Romeo saved the automobile category with this light, open two-door sports car.


Alfa Romeo Spider GTC Giulia Giulietta rot | Nostalgic Oldtimerreisen

Alfa Romeo Spider GTC Giulia und Giulietta: Perfectly made for the streets of Italy.

The Giulietta Spider became an icon of Dolce Vita, a symbol of mindfulness and Italianità.

Whoever drives through Italy in an Alfa Romeo Spider will in effect become Italian and win over the hearts of every local. On every plaza, one will be surrounded by people who look forward to looking at a cultural asset.


Tour offers for Alfa Romeo:


Classic Car Tour In a Volkswagen Beetle- Pioneer And Popular Figure of The Economic Miracle

Even in Germany–a big auto country with premium manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche–there is still that one vehicle from a lesser-known manufacturer that stands above all due to its historical significance.

This car made Germany mobile.

Volkswagen VW Käfer 1303 Cabrio Cabriolet blau | Nostalgic Oldtimerreisen

VW Beetle 1303 convertible: A piece of German history.

A vehicle with true cult status: The Volkswagen Beetle. It took forever to build, sold over 20 million units, and was exported to almost every country on the planet.

While all of this history is impressive,  its not the reason why we think this beetle is one-of-a-kind.

The Volkswagen Beetle reshaped the image of the infamous Nazi regime all over the world and helped pave the way for the economic miracle. It made the title “Made in Germany” socially acceptable. Without the Volkswagen Beetle as a popular figure, Germany would have never been a world export leader.


Trip offers for Volkswagen-Beetle:


Classic Car Tour with The Mercedes-Benz SL- The King of Car Manufacturing

The Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse stands for luxury, innovation and comfort. For many decades, it was the best car one could buy.

The open, two-seater sports version of the S-Class–the SL Class–was the most luxurious convertible the market could offer for a long time.

Cannes | Nostalgic Oldtimerreisen

Cultivated power development and impressive elegance: The Mercedes-Benz SL from the 60s.

The history of the SL begins with the race car 300 SL (W 194): this particular model proved that a grilled, tubular frame offers weight reduction for high torsional stiffness, but it made conventional doors impossible.

The solution: Doors that open upward.

And with that, the “folding-door” car (W 198) was born. It was first introduced in 1954 at a auto show in New York to a fascinated audience and remains to this day one of the most beautiful cars in auto history. Both of the following generations of the Mercedes-Benz SL can be driven with Nostalgic.


Trip offers for Mercedes-Benz SL:

Drive Off in Your Own Vintage Car: Makes Sense Right?

A classic car tour with your own vintage car is superb. 

  • You prepare your “baby” meticulously for the tour and have the peace of mind that it will run smoothly the entire time.
  • You are riding in your personal dream car, but suddenly want to escape the crowd and ride solo. Your road movie just got more personal and individual.

However, if you…

  • live thousands of miles away from your dream destination, where you want to arrive in style and do a classic car tour,
  • if your own vintage car arouses a lot of emotion, but is just not an open sports car,
  • despite the best maintenance, your own car does not survive the 500 kilometer tour

…suddenly, an exciting new alternative appears: an accompanied tour, provided with your own open, two-door sports car.

A convoy from Nostalgic on the way to the Mille Miglia 2017.

With this in mind, we began to offer classic car tours from Nostalgic.

By providing you one of our own vintage cars, you no longer have to worry about preparing your own car for the long journey to destinations such as Sicily, the coast of Amalfi and to Provence. What this means for you: new flexibility while journeying.

Lago Maggiore Alfa Romeo Giulietta cabrio cabriolet Spider | Nostalgic Oldtimerreisen

A worry-free alternative: With a accompanied tour, your vintage car awaits you at your destination.

We offer you some of the most exciting, open sport cars from the 60s and 70s. In fact, you can try out various vintage cars during the tour. Having car trouble? No problem, you will recieve another one like clockwork. That way you can enjoy the tour worry-free and to your heart´s content.

Get even more inspiration for your next classic car trip!

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Location & Season: Where and When Is The Best?

Choosing the best region works similarly to choosing vintage cars: there are no right or wrong decisions. It all comes down to personal taste and interest. Despite that, the results could go either way.

If Cabriolets and sports cars reign supreme among vintage cars, then geographically appealing regions with mild weather and cultural attractions offer more excitement than anything else.

With this in mind, we invest many weeks in researching the most beautiful routes and attractions for you.

Classic Car Travel dates at a glance: When is the best time to go and where?

Bella Italy- The Queen of Vintage Car Travel Destinations

Italy is known as the center of classic sports cars: Alfa Romeo, Bugatti, Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini und Pagani. At the same time, it is the country with the most important auto designers and car builders in the world: Scaglietti, Castagna, Giugiaro, Pinninfarina, Zagato, Carozzeria Touring and Bertone.

Italy: The center of classic sports cars and a geographically appealing travel destination.

It is worth noting that Germany and France also have a long history in the automobile industry.

But yet, when you factor in the sunny days and cultural historical sites, Italy easily remains claims first place.

Lake Maggiore Lago Maggiore Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce rot | Nostalgic Oldtimerreisen

Behind the wheel of a Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce on the shore of Lake Maggiore.

Just picture it:

Your classic car tour through Italy brings you to Lake Maggoire. You are driving an italian classic through a small area where you suddenly spot a coffee shop.

You feel the overwehlming excitement of the Italians as they bear witness to you cruising in your classic car. On the edge of the street, someone winks at you as you drive into the plaza, drawing the attention of those around.

In no other country is the excitement for vintage cars bigger and more passionate.

It is no wonder then that the most well-known classic car event takes place in Bella Italia: the Mille Miglia.

1000 Mille Miglia 2015 Siena tuscany Toskana | Nostalgic Oldtimerreisen

Nostalgic during arrival at the Mille Miglia, on plaza Il Campo in Siena


Nostalgic organizes classic car tours in Italy in the following regions:

  • Lake Maggiore
  • Piedmont
  • Tuscany (with Mille Miglia)
  • Amalfi
  • Sicily
  • Emilia-Romagna

An overview of all tour dates and destinations



The Perfect Routing For a Classic Car Tour 

How does a classic car tour differ from just a regular one?

The journey is the destination.

During a classic car tour, you will also drive from point A to point B in order to see the tourist attractions at point B. However, that arrival is not as important as the journey from A to B.

Carefully chosen routes along appealing roads- that makes a classic car tour perfect.

Geographically appealing roads with minimal traffic, demanding street alignments and  the opportunity to use village passages as a runway, with the plaza serving as your own, personal stage everytime: that makes a classic car tour perfect.  

You need enough time to enjoy the ride.

Nostalgic classic car tours always begin with a comfortable departure, during which the teams can learn more about the roadbooks and get use to driving their vintage cars.

Dont worry: there will be enough time to get into the mood and immerse yourself in the beautiful geography and conditions.

Being pressed for time will not be an issue: You are a part of the tour until you decelerate.

The roadbook and a generous time plan with optional, joint viewings and tastings allow for a more individual experience. A mix of culture, culinary arts, geography and driving pleasure make a classic car tour worth while.


The Perfect Trip Design: Thanks to The Right Combination

A fine mix of culture, culinary arts, geography and driving pleasure make a classic car tour exciting.


The Arc of Suspense

Classic car tours with Nostalgic are themed journeys in the truest sense of the word. We want you to experience something special and unforgettable with us. We want you to feel and share our passion for vintage cars.

Lago Maggiore Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider | Nostalgic Oldtimerreisen

We guarantee you special access to the people of the region in which the classic car tour will take place. Using all of our experience and excitement, we develop an exciting, emotional program for you.

Ultimately, it is you who make the tour something special. All you have to do is open your heart and your senses.


Charming Hotels with Character 

A classic car tour group is an attraction in every hotel and recieves particular attention from the host and other hotel guests.

We spend a great deal of time searching for the best hotels for our tours. We typically do not choose hotel chains. We prefer  owner-managed establishments located in open, geographically appealing areas, not in crowded cities.

Because we offer star tours and not round trips, the condition of the hotel is very important to us.

Our guests will experience different geographical, vegetation areas as well as tourist attractions. We do not get our reviews from Trip Advisor or other websites, but rather trust in our own personal expertise and interests.


Travel Guide/Host

Nostalgic travel guides share the same love for vintage cars.

Depending upon group size, every tour will be accompanied by at least two travel guides who will cater to the whim of every guest.



This includes young students who want to experience something other than the usual school vibe, who enjoy being around people and vintage cars, and who are prepared to go the extra mile.

A feeling for group dynamics, an eye for detail and a joy for mutual experiences: that sets Nostalgic apart from the rest.


Stress-Free Travel Package

Here at Nostalgic, Every classic car tour is meticulously prepared. We try to avoid unforseen accidents.

We also offer you comprehensive, personal guidance before your tour. We try to offer you the best flexibility possible so that your tour can become your own, individual road movie.

Your own, personal roadbook gives you the independence and the safety you need to reach your destination. Optional program highlights, such as guided tours and tastings, are also available if interersted.

You want to celebrate a special occasion and would like to have a private dinner? No problem: the Nostalgic team will organize a candle light dinner or a romantic picnic for you. Want to extend your stay in order to tour a city, or take a drive along the lake? We will take care of that, too.


Take the first step towards a classic car tour with Nostalgic

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Part 2

What Makes a Classic Car Tour So Special?

Millions of people are fascinated by vintage cars. But where does this secret appeal come from exactly?

Imagine the following: you have to convince a vintage care critic that classic car tours are special.

Slider 17 Mercedes-Benz 280SL 280 SL Pagode Pagoda W113 113 bronze Toskana tuscany| Nostalgic Oldtimerreisen

What makes classic car travel so special?

You would have to answer the question that decides it all: 

What is so special about driving a car with older technology and security features, miserable gas mileage, uncomfortable equipment and nearly laughable speed times? What makes cars that are–according to rational standards, so small and economical, but at the same time inferior to modern cars–so fascinating?


No Rational Explanation: The Magic of The Vintage Car

Actually, there are no rational explanations for driving older model vehicles, or even spending a vacation driving one.

And yet, from an emotional standpoint, the experience is unimaginable.

Vintage cars as a whole is an emotional topic. Pure, unmistakable, new status symbols and living memories.

Because vintage cars are from a time where they were seen as strong statements. Polarising, distinct characters that could not be recreated by simple market research and fulfill the everyday needs of the owner.


Driving Vintage Cars: This is How It Feels 

Vintage cars arouse emotion. To really understand it, you will have to drive one for yourself. 

The whole car is reduced to the bare essentials. No flip switch, displays, computers or digital speedometers.

Only a metal key and the ignition. Stick the key in, manually turn it, and the motor starts.


The First Time Is An Emotional Rollercoaster: Driving Vintage Cars Demands Feeling and Understanding

The motor doesnt jump like a sowing machine, but rather rattles and coughs like a living being. Only with careful use of the gas pedal can the motor perform flawlessly and consistent.

Mercedes-Benz Innen Innenraum 230SL 230 SL W113 113 Pagode Pagoda | Nostalgic Oldtimerreisen

Mercedes-Benz 230SL “Pagoda”, Interior

If you get it right on your first try, that pleasing, warm feeling fills your body.

Yet, the next challange awaits you: the shifter has to be placed over the gearbox with precision and feeling. Your “Oldie” can only be set in motion through skilled use of the clutch.

Patience is needed.  The motor can only perform when it is warm enough.


A Good Vintage Car Driver Needs Concentration and Driving Skill

What an indescribable feeling as you hear the motor rev up! Curves feel like curves, with every small ascent serving as a signal to switch gears.

Driving vintage cars requires concentration, and true driving skill. The drive itself will become an experience your senses will never forget.

Slider 39 Mercedes-Benz 250SL 250 280 SL 300SL 300 Pagode Pagoda W107 107 | Nostalgic Oldtimerreisen

You smell the gas and burned oil, hear the rumbling of the motor and exhaust as you drive on. You shift, hit the clutch and make a turn. Braking is now just another effort and challenge.

Driving suddenly becomes  self-purpose. The streets become your playground. Villages become stages and boulevards become runways.

The Magic of A Classic Car Tour

A classic car tour gives one a glimpse into the life of the automobile and conveys the glamourous feeling of life from the past with elegance and subtleness.


To sit behind the wheel of a vintage car without modern electronics means to experience driving in its original form. Manual shifting requires a feeling for engine speed, turns require a sense of distance, while the clutch and brake need an active driver.

An oldtimer journey invites you to slow down.

Otherwise, you wont find any other place where acceleration and deceleration go hand in hand with each other than on a classic car tour.

Let the countryside drift past you. Stop. Inhale. Exhale. And Enjoy.

During a classic car tour, the adrenaline rush is so high that breathtaking images and sensual feelings drift by the driver and passenger, not while the foot is on the gas pedal.

So, if we are talking about driving in its original form, then this is what we mean.

When will your begin your next, unforgettable journey?

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