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The Fasciniating Feeling of a Classic Car Tour

A vintage car trip makes a promising experience. It is an adventure trip for all your senses - and goose bumps are guaranteed. If you are just thinking about embarking on the adventure Classic car tour, you have come to the right place.

On this page you will find everything for a perfect classic car trip: From classic car tips to travel recommendations . Use them for inspiration or as instructions. In Part II of the article we look into the question of what exactly it is that creates the magical charm of a classic car trip.

Why we love classic car travel

  • Excitingly beautiful cars: Oldtimers are a fascinating piece of history. Just looking at them makes the hearts of car enthusiasts and aesthetes alike beat faster.
  • Breathtaking landscapes: Whether the steep coast in Amalfi, cypress-lined hills in Tuscany, the lava slopes of Etna or palm-lined riverside roads on Lake Maggiore - with the top down, it takes your breath away.
  • Kulinarischer Genuss: Gestärkt für die Tour mit feinen regionalen Spezialitäten lässt sich das Fahrvergnügen noch mehr genießen.

Experiencing all of this as part of a group of like-minded people increases the intensity of the experience. We would like to share our passion for classic car travel with you here.

Part I

The perfect classic car trip: this is how the adventure succeeds

A classic car journey is a journey of discovery full of driving fun, savoir vivre and dolce vita. During the classic car journey, the driver and front passenger experience the character of the classic body, combined with unadulterated driving pleasure.

To make your classic car trip an unforgettable experience, we rely on the following ingredients:

  • The real classic car
  • the optimal combination of region & season.
  • Refined routes
  • A well-rounded program with great character

Follow our experience, and you will find out which details are most important

The best classic cars for a successful classic car trip

The question of the best classic cars for a classic car trip cannot be answered in a general way. Because the answer is subjective.
Every person has his or her own life story in which cars have more or less played a role and left an impression. For you personally, therefore, one classic car feels more "right" than another.

Die besten Oldtimer: Autos, die selbst
Geschichte geschrieben haben.

Regardless of their own, very individual, history, there are cars that have made history themselves in a variety ways and for a range of reasons.
We at Nostalgic have put a lot of thought into it and believe we know the history of the last 70 years that truly praise the right models:

  • Which brand has shaped Italy, has it become an expression of the Italian way of life and at the same time an indelible cultural asset?
  • What is the situation in Germany, which car has left its mark on Germany?

You will find out what our research has shown in the following sections.

Classic car trip in the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider - an icon of the Dolce Vita

Like no other Italian car, the Fiat 500 represents the motorization of an entire people. Sympathetic, practical, with an unmistakable face. What the Fiat lacks is the Italian grandeur, the sporty gene and passion.
All of this can be found in a Alfa Romeo Spider: Alfa Romeo has invented a new vehicle category with the Spider, the light, open, two-seater sports car.

The Giulietta Spider became the icon of Dolce Vita, the symbol for the lightness of being and Italianità.
If you drive through Italy in an Alfa Romeo Spider, you become an Italian yourself and conquer the hearts of the locals by storm. In every piazza you are surrounded by people who are happy to see an authentic piece of Italian cultural heritage.

Traveling in a VW Beetle:

Vintage car trip in a VW Beetle - pioneer and popular figure of the economic miracle

Even in Germany, a large automobile nation with all the premium manufacturers from Audi and BMW to Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, there is an automobile that exceeds all others in terms of its historical significance and does not come from one of the premium manufacturers.
This car, a German-made mobile.

An automobile with true cult character: the VW Beetle. It was built for almost infinity, sold over 20 million times and exported to almost every country in the world.
All of this is impressive, but not why we think it is absolutely unique.
The Volkswagen Beetle permanently changed the image of evil Nazi Germany all over the world and thus paved the way for the economic miracle. It made the "Made in Germany" socially acceptable. The export world champion Germany would have been inconceivable without the popular figure VW Beetle .

Travel in a Mercedes-Benz SL:

Classic car trip in the Mercedes-Benz SL - the premier class of automotive engineering

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class stands for luxury, innovation and comfort and for many decades was the best thing about cars that you could buy.
The open, two-seater variant of the S-Class trimmed for sport - the SL-Class - was for a long time the most luxurious convertible that the market had to offer.

The history of the SL begins with the 300 SL (W 194) racing car: A completely newly developed tubular space frame guarantees low weight with high torsional rigidity, but made conventional doors impossible.
The solution are doors that open upwards.
This gave birth to the "Gullwing" (W 198), which was presented to a fascinated audience for the first time at the New York Auto Show in 1954 and is still considered to be one of the most beautiful cars in automotive history. Incidentally, you can drive the two subsequent generations of the Mercedes-Benz SL with Nostalgic.

Traveling in your own classic car: how useful is it?

A classic car trip in your own classic car is terrific.

  • You prepare your "sweetheart" meticulously for it and then enjoy the satisfaction of having done everything right when the classic car has made it through the journey.
  • You are traveling in your very own dream car and you don't necessarily have to join a group. The road movie couldn't get any more personal or individual.

However, if you ...

  • Live hundreds or thousands of kilometers away from the dream area in which you want to make the classic car trip and an extensive journey would be necessary,
  • when your own classic car arouses a lot of emotions, but is not an open sports car,
  • and if, despite the best maintenance, your own classic car does not survive the 500-kilometer classic car journey safely

... then suddenly the alternative exciting for a classic car trip in your own classic car: one accompanied vintage car journey with open, two-seater sports car.

It was precisely against this background that we at Nostalgic started offering classic car tours.
We'll spare you that tedious journey in your own classic car to Sicilyand to the Amalfi Coast and Provence. And you gain a whole new level of travel flexibility.

Region & season: When is it best where?

Regarding the regions, the situation is similar to that of the classic cars: In principle, there are no right or wrong regions. It depends on taste and personal preferences . Nevertheless, you can decide better or worse.
Because if the convertibles and sports cars are the kings of the classic cars, then scenic regions with mild weather and cultural attractions are more exciting than regions which do not offer such advantages.
We invest many weeks a year in exploring the most beautiful routes and sights for you.

Classic car travel dates at a glance: When is the best time to go where?

Bella Italia - the queen of classic car travel destinations

Italy is considered the cradle of classic sports cars : Alfa Romeo , Bugatti, Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini and Pagani. At the same time, it is the country with the most important car designers and coachbuilders in the world: Scaglietti, Castagna, Giugiaro, Pinninfarina, Zagato, Carozzeria Touring and Bertone.

Italy: The cradle of classic sports cars and a scenic travel destination.

Germany and France also have a lot of history to offer when it comes to automobiles.
But at the least when comparing the sunny days and the cultural and historical heritage , Italy climbs undisputed first place.

Lake Maggiore Lago Maggiore Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce rot | Nostalgic Oldtimerreisen

In the Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce on
the banks of the Lago Maggiore.

Just picture it yourself:
Your vintage car journey through Italy will take you to Lake Maggiore. You drive through a small town with an Italian classic, where you make a cappuccino stop.
The Italians' enthusiasm for you and your classic knows no bounds. You will be waved at you from the roadside and you will get appreciative looks on the piazza.
In no other country is the enthusiasm for classic cars greater and more passionate.
It is therefore no coincidence that by far the most famous classic car event takes place in Bella Italia: the Mille Miglia .

With nostalgic at the entrance of the Mille Miglia on the Piazza Il Campo in Siena

Nostalgic organizes classic car tours in Italy in the following regions:

  • Lake Maggiore
  • Piedmont
  • Tuscany (to the Mille Miglia)
  • Amalfi
  • Sicily
  • Emilia-Romagna

The perfect route for a classic car trip

What is the difference between a classic car trip and a normal trip?

The route is the goal.

Even on a classic car trip, you drive from A to B to see sights in B. The big difference is that actually driving from A to B is more important than getting to the destination.

Carefully selected routes along charming routes - that is what makes a perfect classic car trip.

Scenic, low-traffic stretches, challenging street layout and time and again the opportunity to use village passages as a catwalk and the piazza as a stage: that's what makes a vintage car journey.

There must be enough time to enjoy the ride.

Nostalgic oldtimer journeys always start with a leisurely ride. Our guests can familiarize themselves with the handling of the road books and get used to the operation of the classic car.
There is also time to get into the right mood and to get involved with the scenic charms and conditions.
There is basically no time pressure. After all, you are there to slow down on the classic car journey.
The road book and a generous schedule with optional, joint visits and tastings leave plenty of space for individual design. The mix of culture, cuisine, landscape and driving pleasure is what makes the classic car trip so attractive.

A round travel design: the right mix makes it

The appropriately coordinated mix of culture, cuisine, landscape and driving pleasure is what makes a classic car trip so attractive.

The arc of suspense

Classic car tours with Nostalgic are adventure tours in the truest sense of the word. We want you to experience something special, something memorable with us. We want you to feel and share our passion for classic cars.

We promise you a special approach to the country and people of the region where the classic car trip takes place. With all our experience and enthusiasm we design an exciting, emotional program.
You, as our guest, will make the trip something special and unique for you by engaging in it with an open heart and all your senses.

Charming hotels with character

A vintage car tour group is the attraction in any hotel and gets special attention from the hosts and other hotel guests.

We spend a long time looking for a suitable hotel for our trips. It must not be a chain hotel, must be owner-managed, should be located in a scenic area and not in a town center, but in the countryside. Since our tours are not round trips but star tours, the location of the hotel is very important.
Our guests should experience different landscapes, vegetation and sights as much as possible<. Not Tripadvisor or the awarding of stars guide us, but our personal expertise and preference.

Tour guides

Nostalgic Reiseleiter teilen die Liebe zu

Each trip is accompanied by at least two tour guides, depending on the size of the group, who take care of all guests' needs.

Young students for whom experience outside of the school-based bachelor's degree is important, who enjoy interacting with people and vintage cars and who are ready to go the " extra mile ".
A feeling for group dynamics, an eye for detail and having fun sharing experiences - that is what sets our Nostalgic team apart.

All-round carefree travel package

Each classic car trip with Nostalgic is prepared very detailed. We try to leave as little as possible to chance.

We advise you comprehensively and personally, also in the run-up to the trip. We try to give you the greatest possible flexibility so that you can experience your own, very individual road movie.
Your personal road book gives you independence from the group and the security of finding your way. Optional program items such as guided tours and tastings are open to you, if you like or not.
Do you have something to celebrate and want to have dinner in an intimate setting? No problem: the Nostalgic team will organize a candlelight dinner or a romantic picnic for you. Would you like to extend your stay to visit a city or go to the sea? We'll be happy to take care of that too.


What makes classic car travel so special?

Millions of people around the world are fascinated by classic cars. But where exactly does this mysterious charm of old sheet metal come from?
Imagine having to convince a classic car critic of what makes a classic car trip so special

What makes driving a classic car so appealing?

You would then have to answer this one crucial question:
What's the great thing about driving a car with outdated technology, lower safety equipment, lousy emissions, uncomfortable driving and almost ridiculous acceleration values? What can be so fascinating about cars that, according to rational standards, are inferior to any car, no matter how small and cheap but modern?

Not rationally explainable: the magic of a classic car

In fact, there are no rational reasons in favor of old cars - or even for taking the long-awaited vacation on a jerky classic car ride.
But from an emotional point of view, the relationship is clear: pure passion.

Classic cars are an emotionally charged topic. Pure, unmistakable, new status symbols, vivid memories.

Because oldtimers are cars from a time when they were powerful statements. Polarizing, distinctive characters that were not built using sophisticated market research methods according to the everyday needs of the owners.
Driving a classic car: this is what it feels like

Classic cars arouse emotions. You can only really understand this emotionality when you drive a classic car yourself.
The whole car is a reduction to the essentials. There are no toggle switches, no displays, no computers, no digital readouts.

Just a metal key and a keyhole where you insert the key and turn it manually to start the engine.

The first time is an emotional ride: Driving a classic car demands feeling and understanding

The engine doesn't start like a sewing machine, but rattles and coughs like a living being. Only by properly operating the accelerator pedal can you get the engine to run nice and smoothly.

Mercedes-Benz 230SL „Pagode“, Interior

When you as a driver succeed in doing this for the very first time, you will have a satisfying, warm feeling.
But the next challenge is already waiting: the gear lever needs to be engaged with feeling and specialist knowledge of the shift gate. Only with skillful play of the clutch will the classic car start moving without making ugly noises from the gearbox.
Patience is required, as the engine can only achieve its performance when it has warmed up.

A good classic car driver needs concentration and driving skills

What an indescribable feeling when the engine revs up! Curves feel like curves and every little incline is only there so that you can finally shift gears again.
Driving a classic car requires concentration. And true driving skills. The ride itself becomes an experience for all the senses.

You smell gasoline and burnt oil, hear the engine and the exhaust. You shift gears, clutch, steer. Braking is suddenly a physical effort and a challenge again.
Driving suddenly becomes an end in itself. The streets are your adventure playground. Village squares become stages and boulevards become catwalks.

The magic of a vintage car trip

A classic car trip provides an insight into the dynamic life of automobiles and elegantly and subtly conveys the glamorous attitude towards life of bygone times.

Sitting behind the wheel in a vintage car, without the electronics of modern times, you will feel driving a car in its most original form: the manual gearbox requires a feeling for the engine speed, the direct steering according to a sense of proportion, the clutch and brakes for an active driver.

A classic car journey invites you to slow down.

Nowhere else are acceleration and deceleration so close together as on a classic car trip.
Let the landscape go by. Stop. Breathe in. Exhale. Enjoy.
On a classic car trip, the adrenaline level rises to the extent that breathtaking images and sensual impressions pass the driver and front passenger, and not with the pressure on the accelerator.
This driving pleasure is what is meant when "original driving" is mentioned.

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