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Racing Legend Tazio Nuvolari

Gran Premio Nuvolari - A Tribute to Tazio Nuvolari

His Career as a Motorcycle Racer

Tazio Giorgio Nuvolari first saw the light of day on 16. November 1892
His uncle, a motorcycle dealer for Bianchi motorcycles, inspired his nephew with the racing virus. Nuvolari started out as a driver in the Italian military. On the other hand, Tazio Nuvolari started his career as a serious racing driver on a two-wheeler. He successfully took part in motorcycle races on Norton, Indian and Garelli motorcycles before the then-leading Bianchi racing team noticed him and signed the fast Mantuan.
At the Monza Grand Prix for motorcycles, Tazio Nuvolari had an accident and broke both legs. Without further ado, the intrepid man had both legs splinted, tied to the motorcycle and supported by two mechanics when he starts. He won the race with two broken legs. This hussar ride makes the racing world sit up and take notice and is the foundation on which the Nuvolari myth arises.
Gran Premio Nuvolari 2015 | Nostalgic Oldtimerreisen

Nuvolari Becomes an Automobile Race Driver

In 1927 Nuvolari founded a private automobile racing team together with the motorcycle pilot and later-rival Achille Varzi. The racing team bought two Bugattis and Nuvolari won important races, with multiple upset conclusions. Achille Varzi, who came from a wealthy merchant family, could not stand second place behind Nuvolari. He left the racing team and bought the best material there was at the time: an Alfa Romeo P2. He could only outdo Nuvolari for a moment, because the Alfa Romeo racing team brought Nuvolari on board. Varzi and Nuvolari became bitter rivals at the Mille Miglia the stage for great motorsport.
Nuvolari drove the competition to the ground, but left Alfa Romeo in a dispute with the then-team leader Enzo Ferrari. After a brief interlude at Maserati, he returned to Alfa Romeo in 1935. It was the great time of the superior "Silver Arrows" from Mercedes-Benz, which Alfa Romeo could do nothing other than a daring and death-defying racing driver - Tazio Nuvolari, the "flying Mantuan". The German Grand Prix was ​​staged at the Nürburgring with a great roar. The planned highlight should be the triple triumph of the "Silver Arrows". Nuvolari beat the overwhelming competition in the Alfa Romeo and achieves one of the most important racing victories for Alfa Romeo, at the same time one of the most important and greatest victories of his career.
Ferdinand Porsche then signed Nuvolari, who won for the four rings in the up-and-coming Auto Union. Nuvolari didn't let anything or anyone stop him from the greatest passion of his life, racing. Severe asthma, possibly a long-term consequence of having been exposed to exhaust fumes for many years, brought the winner to his knees, so that even the new friend Enzo Ferrari tried to persuade Nuvolari to withdraw from motorsport. Despite his poor health, the fifty-year-old continue to win car races.

Casa Enzo Ferrari Modena | Nostalgic Oldtimerreisen

Rennwagen von Alfa Romeo, die für die Scuderia Ferrari Rennen gefahren sind im Museum Casa Enzo Ferrari in Modena

Nuvolari's wish to die in his beloved racing car dis not come true. On August 11, 1953, one of the greatest racing drivers of all time died of a stroke. 50,000 people accompanied his last journey, Nuvolari had already become a legend during his lifetime. His death caused the organizers of the Mille Miglia to change the course of the route so that Nuvolari's birthplace Mantua was on the route. In his honor, this section of the Mille Miglia is held as the “Gran Premio Nuvolari”.
For over 25 years the "modern" Gran Premio Nuvolari is held as a classic car rally and has secretly developed into the beautiful sister of the Mille Miglia. Autumn in Tuscany turns into a stage for fans of historic motorsport every autumn. Nostalgic also recommends the Gran Premio Nuvolari as a lovely alternative and every year offers a trip where Nostalgic guests can experience the classic car race today, here you can find detailed information about this program.

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