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"A Date with a Beautiful Lady names Alfa Romeo"

With an Alfa Giulia Spider on a journey through time in dreamy Tuscany - it couldn't be more Italian! To experience an automotive romance in the midst of cypress trees and vineyards, you don't necessarily have to own a Giulia.

Wake up in the Relais Borgo Scopeto, a noble hotel in Tuscany. Sunlight feels its way through the luxurious but rustically furnished bedroom. The sound of tires slowly rolling over fine gravel comes through the open window. A muffled engine roar sounds like music to your ears. At least now, the car lover rushes to the window to see what is going on in the courtyard. What a scene: seven Alfa Giulia Spiders and an Alfa 2600 Spider are warming up, the double nockers babble at almost 1,000 revolutions. The open vintage cars belong to the fleet of Nostalgic, a company that leads tours in classic Alfa Romeos to self-drivers. However, you are not traveling alone, but in a group of several vehicles. Advantage: Every participant gets to drive every Alfa. Individual detours are possible at any time, a road book helps with orientation.

The Giulietta Spider literally dances on the street had a date with a beautiful lady named Giulietta Spider Veloce, affectionately known as "Miss" by German Alfisti. I take a seat behind the huge three-spoke steering wheel and make my way down a seemingly endless avenue of cypress trees. It smells of olive groves, the twin-camshaft four-cylinder, ventilated by two Weber carburettors, flatters the ears with its sonorous sound. Turn onto a winding and narrow country road, left and right vineyards and picturesque villages. 90 wide-awake horsepower make the 865 kilogram young lady dance on the street, for a 50-year-old car the Spider turns in very agile. The transmission requires double-declutching, otherwise it cannot be downshifted. Disengage, take out fourth gear, idle, release the clutch. Then step your right foot up to the floor pan. Full throttle! Now press the clutch and engage third gear. Done!

Pleasant for all senses

After a few kilometers, body and mind have grown together with the soul of the Bella Macchina, everything works like clockwork. The exuberant temperament of the classy Signoria can hardly be stopped: the four drum brakes act like a psychic cruise control at the latest when braking for the first time before a sharp bend. So I give it a little less gas and enjoy the sun and the wind that caresses my skin. This harmonizes beautifully with the picturesque Tuscan landscape.

The Aristocrat Spider

At lunchtime, all Alfisti meet to travel together to the medieval fortress of Monteriggioni. The restaurant "Il Piccolo Castello" in the castle spoils the Nostalgic group with homemade pasta. For dessert I choose the aristocrat among the Alfa Spiders, the 2600 Spider built by Touring in Milan. Under the endless hood, three Weber carburettors fire the last real Alfa in-line six. But only on the straights do you let all 145 horses trot at the same time. Then the famous double camshaft unit shows its true character: it turns, hisses and unleashes a violent storm in the roofless cockpit!

Alfa Tours in southern Europe

Walter Laimer has been in love with the Alfa Romeo legend for a long time. Together with his business partner Gert Pichler, he had the idea of ​​renting out classic Alfa Romeos to self-drivers. In 2002 Pichler and Laimer founded the company Nostalgic, meanwhile they had a fleet of 25 classic Alfa Romeos, all Spiders. If one of the well-maintained Alfa should ever get stuck, a replacement Spider is available on a car transporter. The organized tours are also available for the most beautiful and sunniest landscapes in Europe: Tuscany, Lake Maggiore, Sicily, Dolomites, Côte d'Azur or the Bavarian lakes are available.
Text: Lars Busemann
January 04, 2014

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