Mercedes-Benz SL (W 113) "Pagode"

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How do you put cultivated power development and impressive elegance under one roof? Mercedes engineers and designers solved this problem in 1963. The Mercedes Benz SL W 113, successor to the legendary 190 SL and 300 SL, was born and was immediately christened the Pagoda by its many admirers. This vehicle effortlessly spanned the bridge between a comfortable touring sedan and a lively sports car and, even today, it is still the elegant dream convertible for anyone who values the Zeitgeist and the sheer elegance of the 1960s.
As is customary with Mercedes Benz, the W 113 leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to comfort and a sense of well being—all that without scrimping on sportiness. All Pagoda SLs are fast sedans whether it’s the 230 series with its powerful 150 horsepower or the rare 250 series (manufactured for just one year) or the top 280SL model with 170 horsepower. The fact that the W 113 series was, in contrast to its predecessor the 190 SL, exclusively constructed with a six-cylinder petrol engine, only serves to underline its luxury class claim. In total 48,912 Mercedes Benz W 113s were manufactured between 1963 and 1971.
What better way to live the Mercedes-Benz myth than behind the wheel of an Mercedes-Benz SL (W 113) Pagoda from Nostalgic. Experience Italian and French settings and drive on the dreamy roads of Provence and Tuscany.
Produktionszahlen gesamt: 48.912 Stück

Technische Daten
Modellvarianten / Bauzeit: 1963 bis 1971
Motor: Sechszylinder in Reihe, wassergekühlt
Antrieb: Heck
Radstand: 2.400
Länge / Breite / Höhe (mm): 4.282 / 1.760 / 1.305-1.320
Leergewicht: 830 kg (750D)/ 865 kg (101.03)
Tankinhalt: 53 l
Verbrauch: 10,2 l / 11,2 l / 11,4 l pro 100 km
Typ: 230
Hubraum (cm3): 2.306
Leistung (kW / PS – bei min-1): 110/150/5.500
Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 200 km/h
Typ: 250
Hubraum (cm3): 2.496
Leistung (kW / PS – bei min-1): 110/ 150 / 5.500
Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 200km/h
Typ: 280
Hubraum (cm3): 2.778
Leistung (kW / PS – bei min-1): 125/ 170 / 5.750
Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 200 km/h