Mercedes-Benz SL (R 107)

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At the start of the 1970s, Mercedes Benz focused on improving the marriage of beauty and function. The motto was, comfortable driving combined with dynamism. 1971 saw the birth of the Mercedes Benz R 107 and introduced eight cylinders into the SL story for the first time. With its sporty yet elegant design, noticeable ribbed wide band taillights, exceptional comfort and its road handling performance, the R 107 quickly became the favourite among stars, aristocracies, VIPs and successful business people.
As such, it became the most manufactured luxury roadster of all time. Despite the fact that the R 107 tipped the scales at a massive one and a half tons (mostly due to advanced safety features), the six cylinders give it speed and came with either a manual or automatic gear shift. From the last series production, the 300 SL applied its 188 horsepower engine to go from 0 to 100km per hour in just 9.4 seconds. Along with the Mercedes Benz trademark attention to comfort, lots of little details made life with this model a pleasure. This model was successfully manufactured for 18 years, during which 237,287 series R 107 models were sold.
What better way to live the Mercedes-Benz myth than behind the wheel of an Mercedes-Benz SL (R 107) from Nostalgic. Experience Italian and French settings and drive on the dreamy roads of Provence and Tuscany.
Produktionszahlen (alle Varianten gesamt): 237.287 Stück

Technische Daten
Modellvarianten / Bauzeit: 1971 bis 1989
Motor: Sechs- und Achtzylinder, wassergekühlt
Antrieb: Heck
Radstand: 2.460 -2.820
Länge / Breite / Höhe (mm): 4.390-4.750 / 1.790 / 1.290-1.330
Leergewicht: 1.500-1.720 kg
Tankinhalt: 53 l
Verbrauch: 10,2 l / 11,2 l / 11,4 l pro 100 km

8 verschiedene Motorversionen wurden gebaut:

Typ: 280-560
Hubraum (cm3):  von 2.746 bis max. 5.547
Leistung (PS):  von 177 bis max. 245
Höchstgeschwindigkeit: bis 225 km/h