Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider

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Following the luxurious and sporty six-cylinder and eight-cylinder models from the pre-war period, in the early ‘fifties Alfa Romeo took advantage of the opportunities of mass production, and of securing new buyer groups with vehicles using smaller engines. But because they also wanted to stay true to the tradition of building cars “with which you win races” (as an advertising slogan of the time put it), the launch of the limousine was put back, and Alfa Romeo rapidly designed a “stop-gap” model, in order to keep the customers interested: A 2+2 seater coupé, which made its debut on 21 April 1954 at the Turin Autosalon. No-one had any idea at the time that this model would lend wings to Alfa Romeo as no car had ever done before.The Giulietta Sprint, a 1.3 litre four-in-line with twin overhead camshafts, covered its name with glory, and at affordable prices provided very good driving characteristics, a dynamic body, and, last but by no means least, an impressive maximum speed for the period of 165 km/h. The Giulietta was fast and reliable. It had temperament and excellent brakes and became the dream of every Italian. News of the success of this Coupé even reached the USA, where there was an importer with vision: Max Hoffman in New York ordered 600 Giulietta Sprints from Alfa Romeo, on one condition: They had to be convertibles. Gian Battista “Pinin” Farina, at that time still an unknown chassis designer, was set the task, with no idea that his new creation would prove to be the breakthrough for the company. The faultless elegance of the design by Pininfarina (Farina’s name was later changed to “Pininfarina”), and the technology from Alfa Romeo inspired Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni, just as it did the young bourgeoisie from Paris to New York. By 1962 more than 17,000 of these cars had been sold worldwide.
What better way to live the Alfa Romeo myth than behind the wheel of an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider from Nostalgic. Experience dreamy Italian settings: Amalfi Coast, the Mille Miglia or Gran Premio Nuvolari in Tuscany, Piedmont or the Lago Maggiore.
Produktionszahlen (inkl. Veloce): 17.096 Stück

Technische Daten
Karosserie: Pininfarina
Modellvarianten / Bauzeit: 1955-1959 (750D), 1959-1962 (101.03)
Motor: Vierzylinder in Reihe, wassergekühlt
Einbaulage Motor: vorne, längs
 Antrieb: Heck
 Radstand: 2.200 (750D)/ 2.250 (101.03)
 Länge / Breite / Höhe (mm):  3.850 / 1.580 / 1.335 (750D) 3.900 / 1.580 / 1.500 (101.03)
Leergewicht: 830 kg (750D)/ 865 kg (101.03)
Reifengröße: 155-15
Tankinhalt: 53 l
Verbrauch: 9 l/100 km
Typ: 750D
Hubraum (cm3): 1.290
 Leistung (kW / PS – bei min-1):  48/ 65/ 6.000
 Höchstgeschwindigkeit:  160 km/h
 Typ:  101.03
 Hubraum (cm3):  1.290
 Leistung (kW / PS – bei min-1):  59/ 80 / 6.000
 Höchstgeschwindigkeit:  165 km/h