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We have been encapturing the hearts of vintage car fans since 2002! From behind the wheel of classic Alfa Romeo spiders from the 1950s everything becomes possible again; travel in a classic car on Italy's dream roads.Then, come spring 2013: Classic car tours on the most beautiful routes in southern Germany and the Alps with our own fleet of vintage VW Beetles 1303 Cabriolets. Lastly, since 2015 we have offered our guests tours with the cultivated elegance of Mercedes-Benz SL models from the sixties and seventies with Nostalgic Classic Car Travel in Southern France.

We offer what many classic car enthusiasts dream of:

Lago Maggiore 2014 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider rot | Nostalgic Oldtimerreisen

Malerische Kulissen bei einer Nostalgic - Oldtimer Tour.

Explore breathtaking landscapes behind the wheel of an open-top classic car. Whether it's you along Tuscany roads or driving parallel to the Amalfi Coast, driving through Provence or Piedmont: A fleet of gleaming chrome classic cars are ready for you to drive and is already waiting for you there.
With us, you will enjoy the travel routes explicitly designed down to the smallest detail for two to experience in a vintage car: conquer the open roads and take a drive as it was meant to be had.

Unforgettable classic car tours in Italy, France and Germany

Italy is the ideal backdrop for awe-inspiring drives in an open-top classic car - Experience, for example, the Mille Miglia live and up-close. At the wheel of Nostalgic's Alfa Romeo Spiders you will travel over the hills in Tuscany, and the explore the beautiful wine regions of Piedmont or travel along the curved-mountainroads at the Amalfi Coast
On the other hand, if you are looking for locations in Southern Germany and throughout the Alps, take a seat in one of our VW Beetle Cabriolets: This popular automobile is a cult classic and guarantees you enthusiastic looks from the roadside and from fellow drivers. They will wave with benevolent respect wherever you go with the top down and the wind racing through your hair. You can also contact our Nostalgic team and find the perfect tour for you .

An exclusive partner for classic car tours with Mercedes-Benz

It is an honor for us to be an official partner of Mercedes-Benz: it feels like traveling through time when driving a classic Mercedes-Benz SL. The elegant models such as the Mercedes-Benz SL (W 113 / R 107) will give you the sensation of driving a piece of history and an icon among automobiles. France and Italy will be embedded in your mind as you see the picturesque landscapes of Europe. The current destinations with Mercedes-Benz include highlights such as: Provence, the Tuscany and Lake Maggiore .

Mercedes-Benz Oldtimerreise in die Toskana | Nostalgic Oldtimerreisen

Time travel with flair: Drive through Tuscany in a vintage car.

An adventure trip for all the senses

Nostalgic Classic Car tours meet, and surpass, the highest standards and guarantee an authentic experience. Nostalgic enables you to enjoy the finest automotive lifestyle. This makes us the first choice for guests who have a passion for high-end travel and are ready for a fascinating escape from everyday-life and a jump into pure elation.

Turn the ignition key, relax and enjoy

Eine kleine Gruppe von mehreren Reisenden ist bei Nostalgic eine Bereicherung. Tagsüber cruisen Sie zu zweit in Ihrem Nostalgic-Oldtimer auf filmreifen, wenig befahrenen Strecken - kompetent aber diskret begleitet von engagierten Reiseleiterinnen und Reiseleitern. Interessante Besichtigungen mit ausgewählten Führungen, Parkplätze und Mittagsstopps sind organisiert, ebenso die Transfers zu den Abendessen, damit Sie die Weine der Region genießen können. Im Kreise Ihrer Mitreisenden entstehen aus Benzingesprächen unter Gleichgesinnten schnell neue Freundschaften.
Our tour guides take care of the classics each day so that you can choose your personal favorite from a glistening chrome fleet the next morning - the ignition key is in, and of course you are already filled up and ready to go!
Enjoy carefree travel; Nostalgic will handle the rest.