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Did you know that travelling with Nostalgic is rewarding? Please read on, you may enjoy up to Euro 300 in savings! And this is how it works: Thelma and Louise are booking their first Nostalgic tour further to a referral from their friends Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet will also take part in a Nostalgic tour, unfortunately they are unavailable on the date booked by their friends and go for another date, yet during the same calendar year. By doing so, both Thelma and Louise as well as Romeo and Juliet have become eligible for Nostalgic’s “tell-a-friend”-rate* because they have positively spread the word. This way, we are rewarding those referring, and those who make good use of the recommendation, at the same time. Make sure to remember our famous characters from the above example, since it need be two guests referring two more, while a single person referring another single guest will not be eligible for the ‘tell-a-friend” benefit, as isn’t the single person referred.

*note: amount depending on the tour booked, Euro 300 on Alfa Romeo- and Mercedes-Benz tours, Euro 50 on Volkswagen Beetle tours.

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