Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider

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This legendary series from Alfa Romeo already expresses sporty elegance in the name: Giulietta, that sounds like Dolce Vita and films by Federico Fellini, like sun and sea. Few of them know that this convertible, one of the most beautiful and well-known Alfa Romeo models, was initially not supposed to be built. In the early 1950s, the Milan-based car manufacturer was forced to present a successor to the successful Alfa 1900 sedan and filled the gap with a coupé that was given the name Giulietta Sprint . The sporty driving characteristics of the new two-door model also impressed the, then American importer, Max Hoffman, who entreated Alfa Romeo to build an open version of the Giulietta. Initially unconvinced, the company's management only decided to produce the Giulietta Spider erst, als der Importeur 600 Fahrzeuge verbindlich bestellt.
The Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider was presented to the public for the first time at the 1955 Paris Motor Show, but due to strong demand in the USA, it would take another two years before the new dream car was available in Germany. The new four-cylinder engine features two overhead camshafts; this 885kg-light sports car is clearly superior to its competitors thanks to an output of 65 hp. The flawless elegance of the design and the advanced technology are also reflected in the price: the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider cost an impressive 14,500DM when it launched in Germany, more than the Porsche 1600 Cabriolet. That means that the Giulietta remained an unattainable dream for many, while the jeunesse dorée ordered enthusiastically: over 17,000 units were sold by 1962. You can now experience the classic elegance of the Pininfarina body and the lively Amalfi Coast, in Tuscany at the Mille Miglia or at that Gran Premio Nuvolari, in Emilia-Romagna at the Terra di Motori Tour und rund um den Lake Maggiore.
Produktionszahlen (inkl. Veloce): 17.096 Stück

Engineering Information
Bodywork: Pininfarina
Model variants / construction time: 1955-1959 (750D), 1959-1962 (101.03)
Motor: Four cylinders in line, water-cooled
Motor installation position: front, lengthways
 Drive Rear
 Wheelbase 2.200 (750D)/ 2.250 (101.03)
 Length / Width / Height (mm):  3.850 / 1.580 / 1.335 (750D) 3.900 / 1.580 / 1.500 (101.03)
Empty weight 830 kg (750D)/ 865 kg (101.03)
Wheel size 155-15
Tank capacity 53 l
Consumption 9 l/100 km
Engine versions
Type: 750D
Displacement (cm3): 1.290
 Power (kW / PS - at min-1):  48/ 65/ 6.000
 Top speed  160 km/h - 100mph
 Type:  101.03
 Displacement (cm3):  1.290
 Power (kW / PS - at min-1):  59/ 80 / 6.000
 Top speed  165 km/h - 107mph