How to make a Trip Iconic

How to make a Trip Iconic

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When it comes to making trips worth the experience it is essential to have specific criteria to meet for our tours:

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1. How did we pick Alfa Romeo, Mercedes-Benz, and the VW Beetle:

Alfa Romeo:

There are classics in all shapes and sizes, but then there are Alfa Romeos. From tip to tail everything about these cars has character. Alfa Romeo immediately jumped into the racing scene in the early 20th-century a year after its conception. Having won First place at least once at every major race in the world, Alfa Romeo has proven its right to stand at the top with other iconic car brands.

There is also a lot about the car than many people might not know:

  • The Logo has an origin behind it; the symbol of a red cross and a giant snake on every Alfa Romeo comes from the flags of Milan. The Red Cross being their flag, and the giant green snake eating as a symbol of victory at the Moors. Now that symbol continues to glistens in the light on every Alfa Romeo.
  • Alfa Romeo started to produce luxury cars starting in 1960s. Even the Pope owned one.
  • In 2010 Alfa Romeo celebrated its 100-year anniversary, through trials and tribulation the car has persevered, and even two of the world’s top Formula One racing legends Michael Schumacher and Kimi Räikkönen choose Alfa Romeos to drive around in their day-to-day life

Discover more about the Alfa Romeo, and the cars in our fleet. See which tours you can experience from behind the wheel: The Myth of the Alfa Romeo

H. Horn, Germany

“Our expectations were very high and were more than fulfilled. Incomparable moments. We will certainly book a tour with Nostalgic again!” – Alfa Romeo Amalfi Coast

Discover which experiences other travelers had on their tours with Nostalgic in Europe

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A person likely cannot go an entire year without seeing a Mercedes-Benz or hearing about somebody wanting a dream Mercedes-Benz to call their own. The marque created by this automotive giant is something to appreciate in and of itself!

Through wise investments, creative strategies, and a constant need to stay at the foreground of innovations Mercedes-Benz continues to keep its foot in the door of reaching new boundaries for their cars.

  • That three-pointed star, often coveted by many car enthusiasts, has more meaning than most think. The three points indicate the unison between the land, the water, and the air; which were the original owners’ ambition to motorize by land, sea, and air.
  • Safety. Mercedes-Benz has pioneered many of the safety features that we value in our cars. From the pre-tensioner in our seatbelts, to car sensors on the inside to help assist with possible impacts. Mercedes-Benz has never dodged the importance of safety.
  • In the 1960s AMG started to give an extra boost to the performance of 50 cars from Mercedes-Benz. AMG really showed that it was a manufacturer to deal with after a victory in 1971 with a 300 SEL 6.8 Sedan.

Our classic Mercedes-Benz still turn heads when by-standers see our fleet driving past on a tour.

Which Mercedes-Benz you have the chance to drive, and where it will take you

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VW Beetle:

A Classic Car tour company could not claim to be one of the best if it did not include the VW Beetle. During the original creation of the Beetle, cars were known to be big, bulky, and heavier, (of course that got us our Alfa Romeos and Mercedes-Benz, so there were plenty of shimmering diamonds in that rough) but with the design of a light weight and fun-to-drive vehicle the Beetle squeezed perfectly into that well-needed position.

  • The original Beetle design was in production until the early 2000s. In Mexico it was still possible to get a Beetle with the original design, but modern enhancements.
  • Because of the Beetle’s popularity, primarily in the U.S., they were creative with their campaigns. The most well-known being a man pushing his VW Beetle with the caption “And if you run out of gas, it’s easy to push.” Mainly because at 32 miles per gallon, an infrequent need to change the oil or tires, drivers rarely had any complaints about the condition of their car.
  • At 23 million units sold, and the very last gas Beetle being made in July 2019 in Puebla, Mexico, the record for most cars sold is still in the hands of the Volkswagen Beetle, and that is a hard record to beat!

Take this convertible through Austria or Germany for weekend holidays across mountain ranges, or about the nightlife in Salzburg.

The character of our VW Beetles and the many options that you will have to experience it

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2. How do we choose our Routes:

Designing a route for our tours takes the Königsdiziplin (utmost discipline) and crystal-clear image of smooth roads with numerous noteworthy settings.

The routes must be the highlight of every trip, because the Classics desire an environment that complements their majesty. Every stretch of land has to appeal: there have to be scenic routes, diverse in shapes and length, and be attractive to our guests.

The drive-time plays an ever-essential role as well, we want our guests to have time to marinate with an espresso break or a comfortable lunch in an unplanned trattoria. Balance between driving on the road, but enjoying each location is what Nostalgic continues to strive to do in each of our tours.

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3. How are we sure it will be a trip to remember:

When we say that each trip is an experience for the senses, we really mean it. From the moment you get picked up from the airport you can put every ounce of your trust into our hands. From the airport to the hotel your sight will be on overdrive looking at ever glimpse in Tuscany, Provence, Salzburg, or Germany.

Jay Maveety, Fairfew City USA

““Driving the Alfa Giulia Spider on these roads was magnificent, a tremendous amount of fun. The cars were genuinely in very good condition, engine, drive train, all good. All really went well, the road books were very well done even to us who were not familiar with all the signs on the roads in Europe. The guides were enthusiastic and contributed very well to the experience. I liked not having to follow a lead car but to be responsible myself for all directions. I did not feel as on a group tour, even though we made friends with some of the other couples on the tour.” – Alfa Romeo Targa Florio Sicily Tour

After eating an amazing breakfast, unique to that region, or drinking an authentic Italian cappuccino, the crème de la crème is quickly approaching. Your next moment, and most important, when all your senses collide; you’ll feel that leather embrace you as you sit comfortably inside your Classic, the smell of a clean classic and that leather hit your nose.

Next you grip the wheel and feel how naturally your hands fit in place. You can see the analogue gauges on the dashboard, and the key in the ignition anxious to be turned. The moment the pistons kick off in the engine, that’s when the sound rushes to your ears; the way cars should sound, strong, ready for action, ready for a long drive on a lonely road.

The top is down, the speed unseen, but that rush is coursing through your entire body. Your grip tightens on the steering wheel, you see a long turn coming ahead, you shift gears and lean slowly as you steadily turn on this path, as if you’ve known it all your life. That is the feeling of driving a Classic, it is a collision of feelings that one does not quickly forget, and we can promise that.

The feeling of driving a car with so many myths, so much charisma, and so much character is indescribable. Our goal is that each guest feels those sensations running through their system, and that driving our classics through so many beautiful sceneries creates an amazing, honest, and personal bond to why these cars have lasted through history.

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