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Looking Back at the Carl-Benz-Tour

The start of the first " Carl Benz Tour " by Mercedes-Benz Classic Car Travel took place in the Classic Center in Fellbach. A heart of Daimler AG is located in these charming industrial buildings from the turn of the century - the global center for the spare parts trade and the restoration of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.


The shiny Mercedes-Benz fleet is ready for the start of the tour.

The Guests in the Hallowed Halls of Mercedes-Benz

Those in the know refer to the buildings as the "holy halls": Crowned heads from distant countries appear here with the appropriate entourage in order to be able to work their way up the long waiting list.
A team of more than 32 selected mechanics takes care of the restoration of vehicles, in some cases they even work on almost complete reconstruction of racing cars that were believed to be lost or other pre-war bodies with a star.
A brand expert and former Mercedes-Benz manager provides an entertaining tour of the various areas and impressively explains the history and development of the vehicles using individual restoration objects.
To be listed here is a privilege reserved for owners of collectibles worth millions. An impressive introduction to their journey for lovers of the brand and guests of Classic Car Travel.

Next Stop: Carl Benz Museum in Ladenburg

The personal encounter with one of the most profound connoisseurs of Carl Benz, his life and work, is like a journey back in time to 1886 and earlier.

ladenburg He skillfully interrupts the exciting lecture, again and again over an object lesson on restored original vehicles and rare automobiles, such as the certificate for the patent application for the "motor vehicle".
This allows the guests of Classic Car Travel a deep insight into the spectacular achievement of the engineer and designer Carl Benz. The guests are happy to take Winfried Seidel's reminders with them on their way to handle the Mercedes-Benz SLs of the Classic Car Travel fleet with care.

Highlight: Mercedes-Benz Museum Stuttgart

The undisputed highlight was the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart at the Group's headquarters.

Highlight of the trip: Mercedes-Benz Museum at the Daimler headquarters.

Highlight of the trip: Mercedes-Benz Museum at the Daimler headquarters.

The building is already impressive from the outside, but inside you can immerse yourself deeply in the history of the brand, from which the guests were able to take enthusiastic visual lessons on the previous stages.
It is reserved for the guests of Mercedes-Benz Classic Car Travel , with the roadsters of the type W 113 ("Pagoda") and R 107 to drive up directly to the museum hill to park there.
As soon as they got out of the car, the vehicles were photographed and surrounded by other museum visitors.
With the "Carl Benz Tour", Mercedes-Benz Classic Car Travel succeeded in connecting the exciting history of the inventor of the automobile and his present, in that guests can experience their own personal journey through time at the wheel of an open-top Mercedes-Benz classic car.

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