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Alfa Romeo. Just the sound of the name awakens associations with Italy, and with sporty cars that really stand out from the rest. Alfa Romeo – for some, it means Design in its highest and most complete form; for others, it means that yearning by those in the North for things Italian.
For Italians, Alfa Romeo is a part of the homeland. As late as the ‘eighties, there were still full-page newspaper adverts appearing with the slogan: “Buy Alfa Romeo and defend Italian work and technology”.
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Whatever someone’s personal attitude to the marque might be, one thing is for sure: Anyone who has dreamed about taking the trip of a lifetime back to the ‘fifties on roads that come straight out of a picture book needs only sit behind the wheel of an Alfa Romeo.
Dolce Vita and Alfa Romeo – they go together like Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman, like Celentano and “Azzurro”, like fashion and Italy. Nowhere is the Italian feeling for life and living better expressed than with an Alfa Romeo.Anyone who could afford it drove an Alfa Romeo. With a product range of unusual size for the post-war period, of coupés, convertibles, and limousines, Alfa Romeo served Europe’s jet set in the ‘fifties and ‘sixties, from Amalfi and Cortina, St. Tropez and Portofino.
The resounding name not only had one of the most beautiful emblems in the automobile industry, the red cross on the white background of the City of Milan and the dragon from the Visconti coat-of-arms; much more than this, right from the start Alfa Romeo stood for superior technology in engine and vehicle design and construction, which in those years was tested on the road and not in the wind tunnel. 10 victories in the Targa Florio, the oldest motor race in the world, 11 victories in the Mille Miglia, and five World Championships, all went to establish the legend of Alfa Romeo.
What better way to live the Alfa Romeo myth than behind the wheel of a classic Alfa Romeo Spider from Nostalgic. Experience dreamy Italian settings: Amalfi Coast, the Mille Miglia or Gran Premio Nuvolari in Tuscany, Piedmont or the Lago Maggiore.

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